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High-income investments

Technical support for users

The funds raised will be directed toward recruiting skilled programmers and growing our team of developers, capable of delivering solutions for metaverses. Additionally, we aim to explore new markets, invest in marketing efforts, and expand our customer base in the future.

The economic model, bolstered by the accompanying meta-software, will be advantageous not only for users within this virtual world but also for the owner, thereby creating significant demand among potential partners for our company.

The software we develop is geared toward enabling social interaction within virtual reality, furnishing future metaverses with in-game assets, and delivering top-tier 3D visualization overall. The absence of a robust software element spells the potential failure of any project, which is precisely why major companies are presently collaborating with us.

Visionary Package

5% Daily

Min deposit: $ 500

Max deposit: $ 4999

Accruals 35% after 7 Days

Quantum Investment

10% Daily

Min deposit: $ 5000

Max deposit: $ 9999

Accruals 70% after 7 Days

Infinite Portfolio

15% Daily

Min deposit: $ 10000

Max deposit: $ 49999

Accruals 105% after 7 Days

Celestial Opportunities

20% Daily

Min deposit: $ 50000

Max deposit: $ 999999

Accruals 140% after 7 Days


According to analysts at Goldman Sachs, one of the world's largest corporations, we can anticipate a tenfold market expansion by 2024, representing a lucrative opportunity for seasoned investors. In collaboration with prominent companies, we are actively crafting software to facilitate the deployment of large-scale simulations.

A unique offer for large investors


  • Personal Manager available 24/7
  • Consultation at all stages
  • Hourly profits
  • Separate bonus system


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Accruals [[ ::plan.interest.rate ]]% every 12 hours

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Accruals [[ ::plan.interest.rate ]]% every hour

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Over the past few years, the metaverse has turned from a fantastic future, presented in various works of fiction, into a reality that exists here and now and is already far from the initial stage of development, and the basic technologies underlying the transition to metaverse are rapidly developing every day.

The software we create will help to deploy social interaction in VR, provide future metaverses with in-game objects and high-quality 3D visualization in general. Without a good software component, any project will be doomed to failure, which is why the largest companies are cooperating with us now.

Charter capital $50 000 000

–°ompany registration number:

InfinityMetrix - 190454596

Legal office address:

6192 COASTAL HWY, LEWES, Sussex, DE, 19958, USA