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About us and our capabilities

Transforming the Metaverse with Innovation and Opportunity At InfinityMetrix, we are on a mission to shape the future of the digital realm, and we invite crypto investors from around the world to join us on this transformative journey.
Our Metaverse Development Project represents the pinnacle of innovation and offers a unique opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking venture.

In cooperation with large companies, we are developing software for the further implementation of large-scale simulations.

The software we create will help to deploy social interaction in VR, provide future metaverses with in-game objects and high-quality 3D visualization in general. Without a good software component, any project will be doomed to failure, which is why the largest companies are cooperating with us now.

The economic model, supported by the meta-software provided, will benefit not only the users of this virtual world, but also the owner. Which, in turn, generates considerable demand among potential partners of our company.

Our Vision

We envision a future where the digital and physical worlds seamlessly merge, giving birth to the Metaverse - a dynamic, interconnected universe powered by blockchain technology. In this Metaverse, users can explore, create, trade, and interact like never before. It's a world limited only by imagination.

Metaworld expands the possibilities of human activity and takes business and everyday activities to a whole new level.

Our Metaverse Development Project is the embodiment of this vision. We are committed to creating an expansive and immersive Metaverse ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses alike.
* Innovative Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality to create an unparalleled digital experience.
* Open-Source Philosophy: Fostering a collaborative environment where developers, creators, and crypto enthusiasts can contribute to the growth and development of the Metaverse.
* Secure Investments: Implementing robust security measures to protect the assets and data of our investors, ensuring a safe and rewarding experience.
* Global Accessibility: Welcoming investors from every corner of the globe to participate in the Metaverse's growth and evolution.

Analysts of Goldman Sachs, one of the largest companies in the world, are confident that by 2024 we should expect a tenfold growth of this market, which is a "gold mine" for experienced investors. In cooperation with large companies, we are developing software for the further implementation of large-scale simulations.

InfinityMetrix official company

Charter capital $50 000 000

–°ompany registration number:

InfinityMetrix - 190454596

Legal office address:

6192 COASTAL HWY, LEWES, Sussex, DE, 19958, USA